Newbie to Kombucha

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Aug 29, 2023
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Moncks Corner, SC
I’m a complete newbie and love kombucha.

A friend gave me a scoby mat and some starter liquid so I could make my own. Made my first batch, f1 & f2 (1 gal) and it was great. But this was right before couple week vacation and I wasn’t sure what to do with my new starter after brewing so I placed it in the refrigerator with cheese cloth over the top until we got back.

I’m making my second batch and the f1 isn’t forming a thick mat and the acidity is weak. I made my sweet tea and let it cool. I took the refrigerated starter out and brought to room temp before adding to the sweet tea mix. Its been brewing for about 4 days now between 75-85 degrees.

I've researched online for what I may have done wrong and can't seem to find a consistent answer.

I would love any words of advice or pointing me in a direction to understand more does and don'ts. I just hope that I haven’t sabotaged my starter.
Thank you for that.

You touched on what I was finding while searching for a concise answer, many say to and many say not to.

Time to get a book I guess.
Is there any pellicle formation?
What’s the present average temp of the room where it’s stored?
Do you have a Brix reading?

Kombucha is pretty resilient. You may have thrown it off balance. You might want to wait it out.