New Years Day Pulled Pork.

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Jul 14, 2006
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Bee Cave, Texas
Ah, New Year's Day Pulled Pork. I put these two Boston Butts on the Egg yesterday (posted a thread with a video called Butts On! but some mod deleted it).

Anyway, I take a Boston Butt from Sam's club, rinse it, pat it dry, then sprinkle it liberally with Bad Byron's Butt Rub and put it back in the fridge over night.

Now it will smoke for about 22 hours at 215 till it reaches an internal temperature of 195 degrees. I use a computerized electronic draft control to maintain the constant pit temperature which allows me to enjoy my beer and get a good nights sleep without the worry of the fire going out at such a low temp.


It's going to be some good eatin tonight!
John Beere said:
What are you using with the controller for the fan? Got a picture of your setup?

I use the BBQGuru E-Temp Pit Minder.


I have the 4 CFM fan and the BGE large Door adapter. I'll put some pics up later this morning. Gotta keg some Porter to free up a fermenter for the 888RIS I'm brewing today.
Thanks - I was actually reading about these last night but didn't look their the site's photo section. I now get how it all hooks together. Is it pretty easy to take on and off?
I'm sold... yeah, this is going to get expensive quick! Luckily, last night's rib dinner sold my wife on it as well - so I don't think she'll be giving me too much grief. heh
Yeah, but how much is a good nights sleep worth (for SWMBO). Mine got tired of me getting up to check on it, alarms going off, etc. It's great as I can come home for lunch, put ribs on, set the temp, go back to work, come home and they are done.
Brewiz said:
The charcoal will last that long??

Oh yeah, I've gone 24 hours before and still had leftover lump charcoal for burgers the next day. The cool thing about the egg is the when you are done cooking, you close the vents and the fire snuffs out. Next time just knock the ash off and use what is left. Very little ash to begin with and the ability to control temps is awesome!
Brewiz said:
Looks like I need to start saving my pennies!!!! I have one of these
I use the you know what out of it, as a matter of fact it's about to fall apart, I love to cook on it. I have been hearing abot the Egg for years but never wanted to spend the money. Guess it's time to step up to the plate..

I picked mine up yesterday and love it already... posted about it here:
elkdog said:
And the pope's beer, to boot!

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice my Papst Bier. A colleague from Germany sent that to me. Pretty tasty export.

Since this is a Cooking & pairing forum, I think every picture should have food & beer in it.

Prost Neu Jahr!
EdWort said:
I always wondered how you managed those "I put xxxx in the egg last night" cooking adventures, without tending to it all night. Now I know. Very clever product.

I'm an absolute artist when it comes to grilling meats and vegetable, but I have a LOT to learn about smoking meat. So far my results have been less than spectacular, ranging from over-smoked but virtually raw inside (with chicken no less) and over-smoked and over-cooked. The over-smoked aspect seems to be the one constant! Love that smoky chicken tartar...