Need new relief valves, but which type??

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May 24, 2006
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Morristown, NJ
Well, I got back on the brewing bus but I noticed the relief valve on one of my corny kegs isn't sealing right. I gunked it with some keg lube and that quieted her up, but I was looking into getting replacements.

Two questions:

-Best place to get them?
-What kind do I get?

Micromatic has a few different kinds and I'm not sure how to identify the ones I have. Can anyone shed some light?

Picture 1: Notice that the two outer have hex heads, while the other two are rounded. I tried fitting a rounded valve into a lid that originally had a hex valve and it did not seal at all. That was my first clue they might actually be different (or just bad screwing on my part? my wife always sai--nevermind)

Picture 2: The only difference I see from this angle is that the second from the right seems to have a narrower post, at least at the very end..

Picture 3: And for the sake of completeness, a final angle.

So, can anyone help me out? Am I just over-paranoid? Should I be looking at the lid instead?

PS - I know, I know...vacuum the rug. I already took care of that after seeing these pics :eek: