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Apr 3, 2006
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Can anyone give me the recipe for a 15 gallon melomel? Possibly strawberry or raspberry or other?


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Nov 29, 2005
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Mead is actually pretty straight forward. Here is a simplre recipe and some simple directions. The only thing you have to decide is if you want it sweet, semi-sweet or dry.

Raspberry Melomel (15 Gallons)

55 lbs honey (I happen to like blackberry honey)
30 lbs Red Raspberry's (split - 10lbs primary, 20 lbs in secondary)
9 tsp Fermaid K (yeast nutrient)
6 tsp DAP
Balance water to 15 gallons

20 grams D47 yeast rehydrated in 24 grams of GoFerm

No boiling of the honey (are you listening?). Mix it together (only use 1/3 of nutrient and DAP . . . see next line) with 10 lbs of your raspberries (put it in a grain bag, much easier to remove later). Take a gravity reading.

Pitch your yeast and add the nutrient and DAP over 3 days (1/3 each day). Also, aerate your must for the first 3 days at least once a day (I give it a couple of minutes of pure O2). Then close off your fermenter with a lock and let it go.

The beauty of D47 is you can leave it on the lees for a long time without worrying about it. Let it ferment out until you are only getting a bubble every minute or two. Transfer it to secondary and add the rest of your raspberries. Let it sit on the fresh raspberries for a month and then remove (this is easy to do if you put it in a grain bag). Transfer the mead to a tertiary long term vessel and let it bulk age for a year (you can leave it in the secondary if there isn't a lot of raspberry goop left over, if there is, move it . . . they will add tannins over time). Now drink it up.

Last thoughts. Make sure you freeze your raspberries before your use them (this helps to break down the cellular walls and gets the flavor out). You can pasturize the 10 lbs you are going to put into primary (if you want, I don't) by steeping them at 160 for 25 minutes.

If you choose to use strawberries you are going to need 6 to 8 lbs per gallon and they should not be frozen (it changes the flavor . . . don't believe me, try a fresh one and a frozen on side by side).

If you want a semi-sweet mead just reduce the honey by 12 lbs. Dry, take out 10 more. Good luck.