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Oct 29, 2009
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Near Benedict Maryland
Are brass fittings ok to come through a thermos wall with? I was going to come off the brass to a CPVC manifold inside and a brass ball valve outside.

Is it better to use a bazooka tube straight down the middle of the tun or create a CPVC manifold.

If a manifold is a better way to go then do you drill holes or cut slits with a hacksaw? In either case do you mount the manifold holes up or down?

Is it ok to us 1/2" cpvc or is that too small, do I need to use 5/8"?

Nov 6, 2007
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I have been using brass on my MT for ~ 1.5 years now with no issues

I just have a stainless steel braid for a manifold and it works fine so far.

If doing a manifold (copper or CPVC) you can do holes or slits. Plenty here do both, both work fine.
Holes will want to be facing down.
You should be fine with 1/2"


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Feb 12, 2009
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My mash tun has a brass 1/2" nipple, brass 1/2" ball valve, Stainless Steel washers, and a copper piece to connect the brass nipple to the CPVC manifold. I use 1/2" CPVC and it works wonderfully. I have used two CPVC manifolds, one with slits and the other with drilled holes.

As far as the brass equipment is concerned, I have had no issues.

As for the CPVC manifold, I prefer the drilled holes - here's why:

1. Drilling holes is faster and easier than cutting slits with a hacksaw.
2. Drilling holes leaves little (practically no) "fray" on the inside of the manifold that collects grain and is nearly impossible to completely clean.
3. Drilling with a 3/16" drill bit looks cleaner, neater, more professional than hacksaw slits.
4. I have not had a stuck sparge with the drilled holes, and I have had a couple with the slits.

I hope this helps... let me know if you would like more information.

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