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Apr 9, 2005
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Queensland, Australia
had a bit of a problem over the weekend with my bottles not carbonating. i bottled my morgans pilsner on the 8th may in plastic beer bottles (740ml). i used "coopers carbonation drops" (hard sugar tablet) instead of sugar for the first time . it said to put 2 in each 750ml bottle and i did, when i tried it on the weekend it was pretty much flat so i put another drop in each bottle and i tried one last night and it didnt help. im going to leave them a bit longer to see if it gets any better in the next week.

i have used the plastic beer bottles before and they worked fine, although we are heading into winter in australia and it's been getting down to 10-20C would that slow down the carbonation process?

should i rebottle it all with new sugar??? or leave it a bit longer???

im a bit pissed off cause we have the state of origin (a bit football game in australia) on tonight and no beer to drink:( !!!!!!!!!

well, i do brew pilsners (piney mountain pilsner ;) ) and i would say in my experience that that by the first week the carbonation process is not quite complete. usually by the 4th week i have good carbo action. i use plastic bottles to store the excess brew. usually by the end of two cases of bottling i have enough to fill one or two 22 oz plastic bottles. i use these as testers so i don't have to dip into the bottles until it's all aged right.