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Sep 12, 2023
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I bought three used kegs along with a bunch of used brewing equipment. When I started cleaning/sanitizing the new kegs, I didn’t pay much attention to the poppet valves, assuming (incorrectly I now realize) that they were all the same. After a lot of cussing and frustration I now realize they aren’t all interchangeable nor are the ball lock valves that are in my kegerator. Is there a hack somewhere that shows me what goes where? Is there some way to know which ball lock valves fit which kegs? If there’s a solution to this I’d gladly pony up a hundy, it’s driving me crazy. Every time I try to clean and sanitize these things I inevitably mix them up or am 100% sure I don’t and then try to hook up to the gas side in the kegerator to check for leaks and it’s a mess. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Are the connectors completely different? Can you post pictures? Or are you annoyed that the gas posts and liquid posts are different sizes? If the latter, check if there is a notch on the hex head of the gas post. That’s how I tell the difference between liquid and gas on mine. You could also label them or use a sharpie.
The attached pdf was taken from a site that has since disappeared and is loaded with cornelius keg thread data and a lot more...

Man, I think that’s exactly what I need! TYSM! Never realized there’s so much variation. I dove head first into kegging and it’s been a real headache
I can't even begin to count how many times I visited the original site ( but at some point recognized that resource could disappear - so I scarfed it to my Google drive then turned it into a pdf. When I went to link you to that was gone. Too bad, but hopefully HBT will host that pdf forever :)