Just a story of a wierd batch

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Apr 1, 2020
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Just a story for a laugh. I have been brewing for a while and have had a book on wild beers sitting on my shelves for some time, too. Never actually applied it... until...

Some time ago I was making sahti (a lot of rye, some juniper, no hops), I was left with some grains. I suspected low extraction rate, so I did pour some hot water over them and let them sit on the stove until it cooled down to do a crude second mash... them took the resulting liquid, still quite sugary and boiled it down to a thick syrup. Then I took some leftover ginger syrup from the fridge (slices of ginger and sugar) and dumped it there for a good measure. Added bakers yeast and some leftover champagne yeast - let them decide who's the boss - and put it into a small carboy I just rinsed before. Then I forgot about it for some 7 weeks.

Few weeks ago I bottled it. In the end I named Kulkuri (Finnish word for Hobo, apparently) - it started as sahti and it used nothing but leftovers after all. I tasted a bit that didnt fit into bottles and gee, it tasted good. Very viscous. Sour in a fruity way. Maybe sour cherries? A bit bready but dry. Looks like French boozers ultimately won over bakers. Based on the kick maybe 8-10%?

So yes, scrap brewing can work pretty well.

Anyone has any idea what style would this formally be?

I should admit that it was so intense that my wife said that I should have diluted it 1:1 with a sparkling water and it would make tasty beer. See what comes out of the bottles.