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Jan 13, 2008
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I'll have to admit that I wasn't ready to believe it until I opened the lid to my fermenter and looked inside. Speaking of which, someone really needs to put a warning somewhere against sticking one's head in the bucket the second the lid comes off to "see if it smells like beer." After the initial blast, though, it really did smell like beer. And it looks like beer. And it tastes like beer. And now it's in the bottles and I can hardly wait to start my next batch.
Hopefully you'll never lose that amazement, and become a lifetime brewer.

And BTW, don't stick your face in the bucket immediately after removing the fermenter lid.
Congrats, and be careful when you stick your head in the fermenter right after opening the lid!
Yea! You made beer! :ban:
BTW, don't stick your head in a freshly opened bucket of CO2. Let it clear for a minute before sticking your head in.
Thanks guys. I'd have to say based on my excitement after this first batch that I'll be brewing quite a few more in the future. There's just too many possibilities not to get excited about it all.
<< uses carboys, and has never had to worry about sticking his face in the bucket...
and is not flexible enough to stick his face near his arse...

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