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Jan 18, 2016
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Good morning Illinois brewers,

I grew up just north of Peoria and spent the next 12 years in college and stationed across the country while in the Air Force. I got bit by the homebrew bug during my first assignment in Dayton, OH. I had a few friends who brewed and a great local homebrew store. When we moved to LA, we couldn't find friends that brewed and the local homebrew store was smaller and further away, but we made it work. Our last job in Virginia was close to a homebrew store, but wasn't hosting events due to COVID. When we moved home, I expected to find a homebrew store within an hour or so of Peoria, but it looks like the closest store is in Springfield. I've found a few clubs up near Chicago, but nothing south of I-80.
The way I see it, if I'm going to be driving to Springfield or placing an online order, I might as well be picking up ingredients/equipment for someone else too. Are there any other brewers in Central Illinois here? Would you be interested in forming a brewing club? Some possible goals for the club are listed below.

Group purchases (shared shipping, pickup cost)
A community of "experts" (a place to ask for help)
Social meetups at local breweries
Style competitions/bottle exchanges (friendly or small prize)
Be an example of responsible beer culture
Grow the hobby

If you're interested in building or joining something like this please comment below. If a Central Illinois club, or a store closer to Peoria, exists please let me know. If there's enough interest, I'll set up something more permanent.


Apr 28, 2017
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I believe Bloomington/Normal still has a club. Abnormal brewers I believe. They have a Facebook page.