Horizon Hops

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It's a sickness!
Apr 21, 2006
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Central coast
Looking to buy or trade for Horizon hops. Pellet or Whole doesn't matter. Please PM me. I have hops to trade or I will buy! I have a recipe that I need these for and I can't seem to find any.
Cheers, Gabe
Where did all the Horizon go? If none of you have any, then I need to call Sherhop Holmes.:)
Tough to find. I haven't had any for awhile now. When I did have them it was b/c I couldn't find any Magnum hops and it was suggested by Dave at Freshhops that Horizons would be a good substitute. I think Northern Brewer will work in a pinch, too.

Good luck.
Cheers Dude , I would absolutely love to make a fresh hop IPA with those. Horizon is in my top 3 favorites. Where did you get your Horizon rhizomes?
Thanks Nitro, I love the old school rods. I have a few, unfortunately that one's not mine.