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Dec 5, 2023
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Hello guys.

Does anyone here grow their own hops?
I have two new plants, I just put them in the pot.
For the first year, what type of fertilizer would be interesting?
Phosphorus and potassium for root development. I'd use a general vegetable fertilizer, like a tomato fertilizer for a first year plant. Better yet would be an organic fertilizer like compost. You probably won't want to fertilize much in the first year if your soil is rich in nutrients. Killing plants with kindness is the most common mistake of new gardeners.

The pot is going to severely limit your harvest in later years. Consider finding a home where the tap root can grow into the ground. I put mine in a 3' raised bed with the bottom open. The raised bed contains the rhizomes while allowing the tap root to go as deep as it wants.
The idea would change in the second year to a larger space, in my residence where there is soil, not good for light and sun.
I even thought about using only organic fertilizer, but I'm worried about lacking nutrients.
I have three plants that have produced just so so. My wife loves to garden, we have 3 raised beds in the back yard measuring about 10x3 feet. She wanted to "input into the hobby" for me so she decided to try and grow hops. I got a little from each plant, but not enough to really use solo. But have added them to the mix when I can. I have read they really take off after they are established, so we will see. Thinking of buying some property in Oregon for retirement and if I can, I will plant some there and see what happens. Either way, it is kinda cool to use what you have harvested.
I have grown hops in containers. I started off about half topsoil and half compost. I got the cheapest stuff that the hardware store had, as I don't want to pay for dirt.

The only fertilizer I added when I potted them was bonemeal. I put about two-thirds of the soil/compost in the pot, sprinkled in the bonemeal, mixed, and topped off with the rest of the soil/compost and planted the hop plant.

I was kind of following what this guy did:

Thanks for the tip. I fertilized with cattle manure. One plant is doing well, the other I think is turning its leaves yellow.
I ended up using an organic, npk-rich soil, waiting for them to respond.
They are in a very strong sun and at night there is a light from the street lamp. I will wait until the end of the month for new fertilization.
How did it turn out? I have been composting for half a year now and have so really health compost, judging by the fat worms I find in the bin. I Also have two hop roots coming in. Planning on growing my own, since I thought it would be fun to say "we grew most of the hops in house". Do you use a Trellis or how are you managing the vines?
Como aconteceu? Estou fazendo compostagem há meio ano e tenho um composto realmente saudável, a julgar pelas minhocas gordas que encontro no lixo. Também tenho duas raízes de lúpulo chegando. Estou pensando em cultivar as minhas, pois achei que seria divertido dizer "nós cultivamos a maior parte do lúpulo em casa". Você usa treliça ou como faz o manejo das vinhas?
As plantas estão produzindo agora, adubando a cada 20 dias.
Tenho carregado o meu numa moldura de madeira em volta do vaso, está funcionando.

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