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Mar 26, 2012
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The wife has requested "something interesting", and has given the stamp of approval for a honey lavender wit. I'm trying to make it hoppy because, well, why not. Anyways, feedback is appreciated:

4 lbs wheat malt
4 lbs Belgian pils
.25 lbs Munich
.25 lbs Honey Malt
.5 lbs flaked oats

1 lb honey at 5 minutes
.2 oz culinary lavender

1 oz saphir at 60
1 oz saphir at 10
1 oz saphir at flame out

WYeast 3944 (Belgian witbier) or WYeast 3463 (Forbidden Fruit)

Comments: I chose saphir because I really like it in Firestone's Pivo Pils, but I'm not committed to it. I'm leaning towards WYeast 3463, but could be talked out of that.

Finally, any additional adjuncts? Citrus zest?
I brewed a Honey Lavender beer last summer that turned out really good. I've been brewing a lot lately with lavender and love what it adds to a beer. Recipe below:

3.5lbs Belgian Pilsner
3.5lbs Belgian Wheat Malt
1lb Honey Malt
.5lb Flaked wheat
.5lb Flaked Oats
.5lb Rice Hulls

1oz Willamette @ 60min
.25oz Lavender (Culinary) @ Flameout for 30min
1pkg American Hefeweizen Ale (White Labs)

5.2% Alcohol


I also have been brewing an Ale with Lavender and Lemon Zest that has turned out beautifully. Its mainly 2-row, bit of Golden Promise, and a touch of Honey malt. Quarter oz of lavender @ flameout for 30min, and 1oz of Lemon Zest @ 5min. I use a complimentary hop from the southern hemisphere and S-05 to ferment. Absolutely delicious and a great beer for the upcoming season! (Photo attached)

Thanks. Did the wheat come out too sweet? That's a fair amount of honey malt in the grain bill.

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