Great Intercontinental Pub Crawl 2005

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Feb 10, 2005
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Hi Everyone - in the hope of fostering a greater sense of world togetherness the Pyssedas gang are proud to announce "The Great Intercontinental Pub Crawl 2005" - in short we hope to have people having a beer on every continent on earth [maybe we will stretch our wings further in 2006!] on the 28th May.

Ever excited by the prospect of making t-shirts - we also hope to have a t-shirt together for this exciting even listing on the back all of the pubs in all of the cities where people will be crawling. [We are not seeking to make any money out of this - once it is done the design can be sent to participants who can organise the cheapest printing in their own area.

To begin with we have 4 cities on board in Australia and Canada but hopefully this will quickly grow - so why not grab a couple of mates and have a couple of beers for no good reason at all. You never know who from the forum you might run into!

Check out the Pub Crawl Page at:

to see which cities are on-board already and follow the instructions there to get involved

or go through the front page at:

We are of course happy to answer questions here too!
Greetings friends, associates and vetebrates all!

A quick update on how things are progressing for the Great Intercontinental pub crawl - as ever more details can be found at:

We now have at least 16 cities on 4 continents committed - hopefully yours is one - anyone with drinking buddies in Africa, South America or Antartica please let them know about this fabulous event.

We only have a couple of European cities on board at the moment - I'm sure they can do better! Similarly we are missing a couple of Australian capital cities - any help on these would be great

Cities who are participating are starting to finalise their venues - if you can give us a list of these when they are ready we can then add them to the t-shirt design

Also please let us know how to contact you when you message us - we would like to be able to keep in touch as the big day approaches there are some cities who say they are in - but we can't count them until we know who you are

Apologies for not communicating for a while - the real world has been occupying us a little on late - will try to keep these updates coming