Good 1st all-grain recipe?

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DeRoux's Broux

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Nov 19, 2004
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hey gang, question for ya? what, in your opinions, would be a good recipe to do for a first time all-grain batch? i've been extract w/grain brewing for about 5 years and ready to kick it up a gear. i made my own mash/lauter tank w/ a Rubbermaid cooler and have a 42 qt stainless kettle ready to go. I'll be using a propane burner outdoors. my sparge/strike water transfer will be a little primitive, but will be okay for know. gravity will feed the run-off to the kettle.
do most of you do single infusion mash brewing, or decoction brewing? i thought a bavarian wheat would be good. with the bavarian yeast strain not being as flocculant as other strains i don't have to worry about clarity, plus it's a "stronger" flavored clove/banana's strain. but, should i do decoction mashing for the bavarian wheat, or does it really matter?

thanks for any and all feedback!

DeRoux's Broux
I would definitely do a single infusion for your first batch. Personally, I'd do something really straightforward like a Pale Ale to eliminate other variables, but it's really up to you. I do single infusion 99% of the time.
yea, your probably right? i'll keep it basic for the first few batches to get my system down, and go from there. i just tapped my rye pale ale, so i may just do a basic brown or red. thanks for the advice.

DeRoux's Broux

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