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The "Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6) with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy" is a great starter kit for under $100 and it is eligible for Amazon Prime. With it you will receive all the essentials to brew your first batch of delicious beer except for the kettle. This is the kit I started with and if I had to do it again I would probably buy this same kit.
This kit comes with a 7.8 gallon bottling/fermenting bucket and a 6 gallon glass carboy. The bucket also comes with a grommeted lid so you can ferment in it. Their instructions say to use the bucket as your main fermenter but on my first batch it leaked around the spigot (I think I had it tightened too much) so now I just use the 6 gallon glass carboy as my fermenter and it works perfectly.
The assortment of small accessories has everything you need like a bottling wand, wing capper, siphon hose, airlock and stopper, fermenter adhesive thermometer, B-Brite cleanser, and hydrometer which all seem to be very high quality. It also comes with a racking cane with a clip to hold it in place while you siphon your beer to the bottling bucket which is really convenient if you don't have an extra set of hands helping you.
It comes with an instruction book which is basically useless; just learn all you need to learn from real brewing books like How To Brew by John Palmer, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Pappazian, or even just from the plethora of knowledge in the stickies on this forum.
A few things that aren't necessities but are nice additions to this kit are a wine thief to take gravity samples, a Brew Hauler to lug the heavy carboy around safely, and an auto siphon. I was also surprised to find a $12 voucher to which will help pay for those extra items or even make your first ingredient kit really inexpensive.
All in all, I feel like this kit is a great value and I would recommend it to anyone!

This was my first equipment kit 5 years ago. I still use 95% of it brewing all grain today. It would be perfect if it came with starsan and pbw. instead of that b brite stuff.
only thing missing is a link to buy it :p
That was my first equipment kit as well--the one that started it all. Great starter kit. Bought it back in November 2011.
I chose that kit exactly because it was under $100 with free two-day shipping through Amazon Prime. Here's a link for those too lazy to search:
If you're a new brewer, while you're at it, order this book: