Garage clean out

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Beer, not rocket chemistry
Feb 16, 2006
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Corrales, New Mexico
I spent the better part of the weekend cleaning and rearranging my garage. The garage door had been broken and so I repaired that, but while it was broken the place turned into a dump. What a mess. Once I got the herd of swine out it did get easier.

As a result, I now how a ton more room and can begin to actually consider the coldroom idea I have been threatening for so long. The other cool thing is that I can now actually brew in my garrage and not have to roll the rig outside. It is optional. My problem now is getting all the bikes hug up. There are four of us but we have 10 bikes, plus a bike trail;er and a trail-behind.

I will post some pics of the cleaned up space. It is huge!
I certainly have more then I need, for now. That is my problem, the "what if" factor. I just might find a use for that some day...