Fruit wine with Fruit only in the secondary

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Ronald C Gregory

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Jul 4, 2018
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Hey all,

I've been saving/freezing tons of berries and random fruit that the kids weren't going to finish before it went bad over the course of spring and summer. Mostly blueberry and strawberry with about a pound maybe two of grapes. Getting ready to start a wine with it. I don't want to have it based in grape or some other fruit juice. So my plan was a just dissolving a few pounds of sugar into water with nutrient and the grapes then adding the yeast. In a week or so macerating the fruit and adding it all in during secondary fermentation. the goal is to give more of the juicy flavors of the berries. Exact measurements wont be known for the grapes, sugar, and gallons of water until measure all the fruits weight for obvious reason. Any pitfalls I could be running into here? I've done beer and mead for about 5 years so I understand the process just making sure I'm not missing something