Friar Tuck

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It's a sickness!
Apr 21, 2006
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Central coast
I just finished brewing this beast:

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

15# Pilsener Malt
2# Munich
.5# Caramunich
.5# Bel Special B
.5# Bel Aromatic
1 # Bel Dark Candi Sugar
.5# Demerara Sugar
1.25oz Tettnanger 60 min

My friggin hydrometer blew over in the wind and shattered on the slate befor I could get a final reading on this. Used WLP 530 Abbey Ale on it.

Rob the rich to feed the poor! :tank:
Actually Friar Tuck was a monk at Fountains Abbey in York. The story has been told through generations with Friar Tuck being anything from a fat & bald town crier to a jovial monk with a huge love of ale. I thought it fitting for such a bastard child as this.
landhoney- I did some research on Dubbels as they are some of my fave's and came up with this recipe and then doubled as if I was doing a 10 gal recipe. This was a 5 gal recipe and the Demerara was a last minute add in. The hydro sample was one of the most tastey samples I've drank.