Freaking Murphy's law!

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Brewing Clamper

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Apr 19, 2006
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Union City, CA
It stands to reason that the day I have 50+ people coming over for a party my CO2 tank hits the red! It's a 20lb tank and it just hit the "no more liquid" point. It basically jumped in one pull from 800PSI to 600 into the "order gas" red line. So, do I have enough gas to push 4 kegs tonight? Should I just forget whatever's in there and take it in for an exchange now?
OK, slap me if I'm wrong here but:

12.6L of 600PSI gas = 25.2L of 300PSI = 50.4L of 150PSI and so on... I need about 80L of gas to move 4 carbed kegs at 12psi, I should have over 200L of gas in that tank at 14psi... or am I making MathMagic here?

Edit: The reason for this is that every place I've called closed at noon today... D'oh!
Go for it. By the time you get towards the bottom of the kegs, people won't notice the beer is getting flat.:tank:

Seriously, I've carbonated a soda keg with a "inthereddead" #5. That's about 5 volumes.