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Apr 10, 2013
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I picked up a used Portuguese floor corker in excellent condition, and used it for the second time with Belgian corks and Belgian 16oz bottles (first time was with wine corks and wine bottles, worked perfectly). With the corks being significantly wider, I expected it would take a bit more force, but these were almost impossible to push in. Only after giving it all my might, I got it to push in, but along the way they were scraping so hard on the smaller diameter metal opening of the corker that it was taking chunks off as it went in. I dialed in the plunger's stopping washer to get it to the right depth, about an inch and a half in the bottle, just enough outside to mushroom. I opened up the corker to make sure everything was aligned properly, cleaned, and made sure the springs and everything was right. I watched a video somewhere that went through that process, everything looks correct. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I can post pics of anything if it would help diagnose the issue, just lmk.

Corker (almost 100% sure it's this one, I got it second hand) :
I've used that floor corker and those corks without the issue you describe. My problem is that I have to add a couple of washers to keep the corks from going in too far (and being almost impossible to remove).

I think your problem is those bottles. The description says they are made to take crown caps, not corks.

EDIT - You need something like these. Maybe not the size you want but they will work with those corks.
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