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Jan 27, 2009
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I brewed an English-style pale ale this weekend using a yeast starter for the first time after reading on this forum how much it helps. I boiled 4oz of x-light DME in 4 cups of water and added it to a sanitized growler (1/2 gallon) last Thursday night. I pitched the White Labs Burton Ale yeast, covered the growler loosely with the cap (not screwed on) and let it sit at room temp for 2 days - giving it a swirl every now and then. I brewed on Sat. night and I'm happy to report that fermentation took off less than 24 hours later - probably more like 12 - and has been ongoing ever since - it is clear how much of a jump a starter gives. I'm hoping to have my first sub-1.020 FG! (I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone who uses starters and advocates for their use.)

Thanks to everyone out there that continues to post such useful advice on this forum.

congrats on your great results. the final gravity however depends on your og and what attenuation percentage your yeast is anticipated to have. you should probably be able to attain your target of under .020 however. good luck!