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Dec 2, 2008
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I have read through the forum's before pertaining to this subject and i thought i had corrected my problems with some success of hitting a couple FG brews in a row, but obviously i am back again with my most recent beer getting stuck at 1.20. It was an Oregon IPA that had been in a primary for two weeks then in a secondary for 2 more weeks in which dry hops were added. The beer sample i tasted today was great and i went ahead and bottled the IPA. I am just so confused as to what i am doing wrong that would cause my Specific Gravity to get stuck at 1.020 so often. This was my 6th batch of brew and only 50% of my beers have got below that 1.020. With the exception of my first couple brews i feel i have been very consistent in my brewing and feel i am doing the best i can with what i have. I am not really worried about this specific batch because i feel it will come out tasting just fine, but i was curious if the brewers out there would give me some opinions on what else could be causing stuck fermentation/ too high of a FG. I know my question is a little vague, but i am kind of searching for a just some general reasons that would cause this issue.. My brew process in a nutshell goes something like this.

2.5 gal Stove Top Boil generally 45-60 min.

After cooling to roughly 70F and before adding yeast i like to stir vigurously with my spatula then i place the top on my fermenter and shake it as vigorously as i can for 1-2 minutes sometimes a little longer.

I have rehydrated my yeast, I have pitched dry directly and my most recent brew i used a Liquid Yeast..... Always following the yeast manufactures directions.

I have yet to make a Yeast Starter though.

The only things i can think of that might be causing my high FG is my Boil Volume, Yeast pitching, Or my Aerating method. Is there anything else i could be over looking in General that might cause these high FG?
I guess one of my first questions would be, what have the starting gravities been on those beers?

Also what temps are you fermenting them at?
most of the beers OG have been 1.50-1.060 and with the exception of some very chilly nights they stay between 62-70