Ferment and serve in corny - sediment options?

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How much cider is left in your keg at the point you're drawing sediment?
I understand this is a rhetorical question but i guess the practical answer is to just pop a top and do a cane auto-siphon and see what's left and then make a seat-of-the-pants cutting decision
Your transfer after fermentation will be just elevating the fermenter keg and hooking up gas to gas jumpers and liquid to liquid jumpers and let gravity to the work
Greetings @Bassman2003 ... odd, doesn't seem to be a lot of material on corny-to-corny transfers

Wondering how do you start gravity feed from ferm to serv? I'm thinking with ferm elevated well above serv make liquid-to-liquid connection, then bump ferm with C02 tank starting siphon, then connect gas-to-gas and gravity takes over.

Sounds about right? Any words of wisdom?
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You start from a place of equal pressure in both containers. This is why one hooks up the flow of fermentation gas through the keg. You get free pure CO2 and if your spunding valve is after the keg, both containers will have the same pressure when you are ready to transfer. Then decrease the pressure on the serving keg and the liquid will flow via gravity nice slowly. If you let a lot of pressure out it will flow faster but it is not wise to transfer carbonated liquids quickly. It also helps to unhook the serving keg a few hours before transfer and put it in a fridge if it is warmer than the fermenter. Hope this helps.
... looks like little interest in this thread, hm ... thanks for those that replied! - I'm still trying to understand how big fermenting in cornys is ... any additional thoughts appreciated
I have a recent interest in corny fermentation as well, and also no chill, although have not yet tried it. still researching it, but moving toward it soon. Thanks for your post