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For Sale Ferm Chamber, Stout Conical, other items - updated post

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Oct 30, 2019
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There were so many items and the post was getting long to keep updating for the things that sold and have it make sense, so I am just doing an updated post. Not sure if that it how I am supposed to do it but I cannot figure out how to edit a post.

Selling everything. Just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. I have not included shipping costs for any of this so that would be added if anything gets shipped. The main items are as follows:

  • Custom Fermentation Chamber – This is a 3 fermenter chamber with separate heating units, fans, and inkbird wifi controllers that allow you to ferment and three separate temps. I never installed any cooling but you could certainly add that. These have had zero problem maintain any temp in my garage in the dead of winter and with the wifi units, you can always keep track on your phone. It is on wheels and also provides a great work surface. - $250.00

  • Speidel Fermenters – One 30L fermenters and One 60L fermenter. Airlocks, and extra parts for them all. Norcal Brewing blow-off tubes with thermowells. $30 for 30L and $40 for 60L - Blow-offs $15 each

  • Northern Brewer Grain Scale $50

  • O2 aerator wand/stone $40

  • Erlenmeyer flask - $20

  • Ultimate Sparge Arm with hoses - $120

  • Refractometer - $20

  • One extra riptide chugger pump - $150 (Squeaked a little but worked perfectly - would need to add 110 plug in as it was wired to junction box)

  • Stainless Condensate Hood (48 x 36)(only used a few times – completely clean) - $500

  • Vortex 8 inch inline duct fan with controller unit. - $175

  • Perlick 630SS Stainless Steel Beer Faucet and Shank Combo - $50

  • Greenlee ½ inch punch tool (used once) - $50

  • Copper immersion chiller - $30

  • Paddle, Ladle, Spoons, Bowls, thermometers, syringes, two glass hydrometers, small scale for water additions, bowls, etc. $50
If you have questions about anything, please let me know or if you want another picture, etc.

It’s been a fun hobby and I hope this finds a good home.

Link for photos

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