Exchilerator Maxx with 25w pump

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Jan 19, 2020
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I've had some issues with my counterflow chiller and my pump. I am/was using the Exchillerator Maxx (7 meters) with the 25W MK2 pump from Kegkand. The thing is, I only got a quart or something per minute out of it. When not connected to the chiller, there is good flow in the pump (i think it's rated for 19l/min or something). Am I doing something wrong or is the pump just too weak for the chiller? If it's too weak, would changing to a 41 plate chiller make the job faster or would it still be too much resistance? I've had that setup for about 2.5 years-ish and it didn't struck me until a couple of weeks ago that I would be better off just using the immersion chiller that came with my Brewzilla. It would be a shame if it can't be fixed since I payed an equivalent of $330 for it.
how long is it taking you chill your wort with the Exhillerator? This is my pump (though in triclamp version: Home Brewing 815-SS-C Magnetic Drive Beer Pump ) and I can still get a pretty good whirlpool in my Spike 15G solo system. Comparing it to your Mk2 it's about 50% more powerful than your pump. That's a big difference, but I don't think it should matter. Other than probably not getting the best whirlpool when pumping through the chiller, what are your main concerns about the low output flow?
It chills alot faster, yes but since the flowrate is so low, it takes about as long to get it in the fermentor as with the immersion chiller. With the immersion chiller you don't have tubes going all over the place and it doesn't require as much effort/time cleaning. The purpose with a CFC is to have the wort cooled down in the fermentor faster for a tradeoff in convinence.