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  1. T

    Exchilerator Maxx with 25w pump

    Hello! I've had some issues with my counterflow chiller and my pump. I am/was using the Exchillerator Maxx (7 meters) with the 25W MK2 pump from Kegkand. The thing is, I only got a quart or something per minute out of it. When not connected to the chiller, there is good flow in the pump (i think...
  2. kshuler

    Recirculating CFC?

    Hi everyone! THis is my first day on this form, so sorry if I sound like a total newb. Haven't brewed a batch of beer in 16 years and am now committed to getting back into it. I am doing extract + steeped grains at the moment, but eventually hope the wife will grant me the space to do all...