Dutch beer??

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Dec 18, 2007
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Merritt Island
Does anyone know what type of beer would have been popular with Dutch immigrants back in th 50's and 60's? My great grandfather came to the US from Holland and he used to make his own beer. Now that I started making beer I have some relatives trying to get me to make whatever it was my grandfather used to make. The problem is nobody knows what it was called and what ingredients he used. I have been asking relatives who remember seeing him make it or who have tried it and all they can tell me was he made it in an uncovered crock in his basement with yeast and sugar. He used to be a baker too if that means anything and they say he would have used whatever he had around without spending much money. They say the entire house smelled like beer when it fermented and my grandmother was worried the neighbors would talk due to the smell outside. There are only two people still alive who tried it and they told me they remember it tasting horrible and it had stuff floating in it. These two people think busch makes the best beer around so I don't have much faith in their tastebuds. I'm told a distant relative might have an old cookbook of his that I'm searching for, that might have something. Does anyone have any ideas that can help narrow down this beer?
It doesn't sound like it was very appealing - I would try finding a Dutch beer that you like and then try a clone or something similar and maybe name it after him. If you're going for authenticity it sounds like flour, sugar and baking yeast would do the trick. ;}