Duotight gas leak indicator?

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Aug 2, 2012
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The way these push to fit fittings work is that to disengage, you have to push the external collar in before pulling out on the hose. The clips prevent that collar from being pushed in, preventing an accidental disengagement of the hose.

This is the point of my post (#35). I was judging the integrity of the closed system by how well the closed circuit (unhooked from a keg/bottle) held pressure overnight. Ultimately no one could tell me they should hold pressure, and I found they don't.

I suspected this was the case (third bullet point in my post #35) when it worked on the ground then leaked when installed. Again, though: i was judging based on a disconnected ball lock QD, so it might have been a false positive. To hedge my bets, in the updated pic you can see I secured the tubing onto the fridge to reduce that torque.

Thanks. I had an idea of using those ball valves as a gas shutoff, but think I'll pass. I'll just repurpose an old distributor instead. Good idea on the blue clips. I may look into those blue clips. $5 isn't a lot for more peace of mind.