Dry Hops and Fermentation

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Feb 26, 2009
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I just checked my fermenter after 3 days after dry hopping ( pellets )

Now there are little chunks floating UP!!

The size of Japanese breadcrumbs just a few every now and then but they are detaching from the bottom and floating upwards.

I thought at this point things settled, not suppose to rise?

Help please and let me know if this is normal.

Added Dry Hops after OG went from 1.084 to 1.024 at 71% attenuation.

Whats going on in my carboy?
its normal, Dry hopped beer will have little flakes in it unless it is filtered anyway. However the majority will settle.
Just rack around that stuff. You should be fine :)

I dryhop in the keg - makes life a bit easier.