Does anyone want some cuttings?

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Sep 25, 2008
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Lafayette, CO
I feel a little guilty just throwing away all those cuttings I have trimmed from my hops, so I put some in water. They all shot out roots and now I have a bunch of little hops that have roots and leaves and no place to grow:(

I know it's a little late in the season, but if anyone in the Boulder/Denver area wants some hops to get established this year you can come pick them up from me. No, I won't deliver. Yes, you should probably bring something that you can take them home in. Hey, they're free!

I have:

4 Willamette
4 Zeus

And more poking out of the soil that will need to be removed. They seem to root very quickly if you put any part that was under the soil in water.
I thought I'd bump this in case anyone else might want some hops right now. Turbosnail came and got some, I hope they are doing alright in his yard. Until I can convince any more of my friends that they need to grow hops for me:D I've still got some small plants with plenty of roots that are ready to be planted.
I'm interested in getting some hops started this year but it seems all the commercial folks are done with rhizomes for the season. Unfortunately I'm up in Minnesota. If you'd be interested in trying to ship some I'd pay for the shipping, send me a PM if you want to work something out.
I have clipped some of my hops and stuck them in a bucket of water. So far, they are alive. I will try some of the propagation methods and see how it goes.

If anyone is in the Denver metro, I would be happy to trade Centennial for your varieties (or even give you some starts). I am in SE Aurora.