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Sep 5, 2014
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Hi All,

Just wanted to give some feedback on a recent purchase/order I did with CuS.S. Brewing. I got in on their TriCoil 1.2 preorder and man is this thing sweet! The shipping was fast, packaging was great, the solder connections looked good, craftsmanship was awesome, and it came with nicely typed instructions. I was able to chill my batch down in about 15 minutes and the water waste wasn't nearly as bad as my homemade one I was using. I hated dumping so much water in my yard with the homemade one, especially with being on a well. Highly recommended!



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Sep 6, 2019
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I came here to say the exact same thing. CuS.S Brewing is no joke. I was looking for a new chiller as my homemade one took hours to work (it' wasn't that great) and an tub full of water was a pain since I'd have to take 6 gallons up 3 flights of stairs to do that - and even that still took about 2-3 hours.

CuS.S. took so much time and effort to guide me through what I needed, even though in a little freebie (were were talking about side pickup/dip tubes and not sure if it would fit so he made me one that would). He went out of his way to respond to emails and answer all my questions - as a noob he did so in lengthy fashion, which was greatly appreciated. None the less the customer service sold the product...

Oh yeah, my chiller gets my 6-8 gallons of wort from boiling to 70f in 4 min with me just lifting it up and down, no stirring or whirlpool apparatus. I think using it one time paid for itself in time savings alone.