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Feb 19, 2005
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hey guys I just cracked into my newest batch of export ale and all I can say is "HOLY @$&!" sorry for the vulger but wow i am impressed. it was akit but i beefed it up with hops and a little grain but wow.
well the kit i tried said it was like moosehead/molsen (before i did tinkering). it is dry and hoppy.
first i took the whole kit and laid it out. it had two cans of malt extract, i only used one with a grain enfusion too it. it had williamette and fuggle hops. well i got rid of the williamette hops and replaced them with cascade. i kept the fuggle but i added some more cascade at the end for aroma to go with the fuggle.
my goal in brewing is to try and use all different kinds of hops(being the stoner i am) lol, but now i am just learning what can go with what.
P.S. is there a equation that i could use to substitute grain for extract. i used about a pound of grain for the 3.3lb can i replaced. i am just wondering if that was right or should i added more.
I don't know the exact will depend a lot on your conversion efficiency and extraction rate of your mash...but it will be a lot more grain than a 1:1 ratio. So, to really replace that can of extract, I'd say you need to mash at least 6 pounds of grain...maybe more? Just a guess. I'd have to look up some more real numbers, but in any event it depends a lot on your mash efficiency. Cheers! :D
so 5-6 lbs od grain for each can. that seems logical most recipes for 5 gallon batches are right around ten pounds of grain right, where 2 cans are pretty much used also. well thanks guys ill try it out this weekend.