Cough Medicine Taste

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Apr 4, 2016
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Payson AZ/Colorado
Ok... probably just impatient as the beer has only been in the keg 10 days but, fined with gelatin after 48hrs... Still too cloudy to see through. Was more like an EC IPA after 5 days, but now just odd to me.

I've been brewing for over 30 years, had a recipe way back that was a WC - IPA hopped with Amarillo and Cascade, couldn't find the recipe so used my old standby IPA recipe which is kind of a Fresh Squeezed clone'ish. Rather than Citra and Mosaic I substituted Amarillo and Cascade. Went heavy on the Amarillo side, lighter on the Cascade which is likely where my taste issue lies. I know it is "way hoppy" but the Cough Medicine taste is throwing me. Here's the recipe.

13# 2 Row
10oz Carmel 60L
8oz Munich 10L
7oz Malted Wheat
2oz Carapils

1.25oz Magnum @ 60min
1.0oz Cascade @ 10min
1.50oz Amarillo @ 10min
0.75oz Mosaic @ FO
1.00oz Cascade @ FO
1.00oz Amarillo @ FO
0.50oz Cascade DH -5days
0.50oz Citra DH - 5 Days
1.50oz Amarillo DH - 5 days

US-05 pitched @68* temp reduced to 65* after active ferment started
OG - 1.054
FG - 1.009

Hope that's enough info... just wondering if my heavy hand with the Amarillo is the flavors I'm tasting.
Thanks for the help.
I don't think it was the amount of Amarillo; I'm thinking it was the combo. Amarillo, Cascade, Mosaic, Citra, Magnum...
I'm thinking it was the combo. Amarillo, Cascade, Mosaic, Citra, Magnum...
Thanks! Could be right. Of course the Magnum is just bittering so little flavor there. The 10 min additions are a bit of flavor and additional bittering. The real contribution for flavor were the FO hops, I added the Mosaic in there as I had seen it used in other Amarillo/cascade recipes I found online. I like... what to me is a mango'ish taste that these hops impart. The dry hops obviously impart flavor as well, .... added the Citra, just because! Yeah maybe the combination.

In another week it should be cleared up, residual hops settled out, and better conditioned. The profile may change for the better!