Cougar died this morning

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Oct 8, 2005
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Oak Grove
Cougar was a retired racing greyhound. I had him for almost five years. He had been really sick and lost almost 35% of his body weight, but I thought we had it under control. He had started gaining the weight back & was showing good signs of recovery. Last night, he vomited his dinner (which wasn't unusual for him, even before he got sick). This morning he started shaking, then he lay down, screamed once and died.
2nd Street Brewery said:
From one Dave to another that has gone though this you have my deepest sympathy. Tipping one to Cougar right now.:(

You know what. I'm feeling for you David. I'm going to go pour one and raise a toast.
David, I am so sorry to hear this. This is a hard blow after you worked so long to get him better. One thing I am certain is that his life with you was far better than most retired racing dogs and I sure he loved you twice as much for it.
I'm so sorry. This is been a tough winter for all of us around here with our pets. You have my sympathy for this loss. I'll lift a pint tonight in memory of Cougar.
David sorry to hear about your loss.

I'm also glad that you gave Cougar a home after his retirement.
that's way to mant for one weekend! sorry to hear that you lost your companion in the time of life. prost to him and to you for giving him more than he had as a racer:mug:
Thanks, everyone. He wasn't much of a drinker, but if you have some salsa around, dip a few.
So much sadness in so few days.

So sorry for your loss David. I've seen (think it was him) pictures of Cougar. A beautiful dog. I hope he didn't suffer.

A dash of salsa for Cougar, and a splash of HB on the ground for you as you face a few tough weeks coming up.

Very sorry for your loss. We also lost a 4 legged family member recently and know how hard it is.
That's so sad and I'm sorry for your loss.

At the risk of repeating what others have said here, you gave a great dog a safe, happy home in which to live out his "golden years".

Here's to Cougar! :mug: (there's no salsa icon)

I'm very very sorry. I know you loved more than anyone ever loved him in his life. And you know how he knew it.

Too many friends in too short a period of time.

I've no salsa, but I tip my glass regardless.

I'm sorry for your loss, David. It's very hard to love a treasured pet.

Will be dipping the salsa and apvelwien for him.
At the risk of sounding like a jerk: I'm not sad for Cougar. He's reached a place where he can be comfortable and happy. He's a lucky pup to have had your help, David, in his transition from servitude to true freedom. Congrats to both of you for making life the glorious adventure that it is for each other. Cheers.
Tipping one to Cougar, and tipping one to David for adopting a retired racer. Back in the '80s, I used to frequent the dog-track in West Palm Beach. Not much of a gambler, but it was cheap entertainment, half a buck to get in, gamble a couple bucks on the dogs, have a few beers (BMC, so maybe it wasn't that entertaining). Then I saw a documentary on greyhound racing, and what happens to the pups that weren't fast enough... these dogs were literately running for their lives. Swore off the dog-track and have never let my shadow darken their door since.

I had seen your change of Avatar and had suspected something was up. Sorry to hear about your dog :(
Sorry for your loss, David. Has to be tough on you. I'll dip some salsa tonight in Cougar's honor.
My sister adopted three retired/rescue greyhounds. One, Shadow, passed on from bone cancer and the other two are still alive and will on her farm in Oregon. My pug, Niki, loves going over and playing with them every summer. It's amazing how such huge animals can be so gentle with smaller dogs when they play together. Niki raises her bone and I raise a glass to Cougar as he goes and meets Shadow and his friends over the bridge.
Just got done burying him. Takes a lot of hole to fit a greyhound and he was a BIG greyhound. Katie Belle doesn't seem to have noticed a thing, but she's always been a bit self-centered.

I'll probably adopt another one in a month or two. One hand has nothing to do.

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