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Aug 17, 2022
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Alabama, USA
I started my first cider brew a little over a month ago. After a week it was done bubbling so I moved it to a secondary to age before bottling. I tasted it after the initial week and it was pretty dry with a faint apple aftertaste. It sat in the secondary for four weeks before I bottled it two days ago. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty sweet. I only added 1/2c of erythritol to 8cups of cider. I put most of the batch into glass brewing bottles I got off the internet and I put carbonation tablets in them. I plan to wait two weeks and then open one to see how they are carbonating (I followed the instructions on the packaging so I do not think they will explode.)

However, I had around 4 cups of cider left over and didn't have any bottles so I emptied a small wine bottle and filled it up. I did not add any carbonation to it and just put the original cork back in it and stuck it on the top shelf to forget about it. Which got me thinking, that if I open a normal bottle of wine and cork it, the flavor will become sour after a time. Will that happen with the cider? Is there a max and minimum time it should age?