Carbonic Bite after 24 hours?

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Jul 28, 2009
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New Jersey
My tried and true method for carbing my beers is as follow:

Rack to Keg (with no cold crashing)
Purge Keg and set at 30 psi for 48 hours.
Set to serving psi, drink away.

My last batch of pale ale however, something is off. I am not sure if it is carbonic bite, or if the beer is just "green."

With my higher gravity beers (over 1.060 OG) I let let them sit for 17 days and rack.

For my lower gravity beers (sub 1.060 OG) I usually rack after 10 to 12 days and rack.

So on day 10 (FG 1.008,) even with a little krausen in suspension, I racked to keg as normal and let sit for 24 hours @ 30 psi. I purged the keg, turned to serving pressure (12 psi) and started pouring. Like most cases, no head on the beer yet but carbonation is spot on.

However there is that over carbonation/carbonic bite with a touch of yeasty in the background.

what do you think? Carbonic bite, green beer, or a little of both?

Since last night, I have turned the gas off of it and have been purging the gas on the keg every so often, as I over carbed a batch before and this seemed to do the trick.

Thanks in advance,

IMO all of your time periods are on the short side. I do low gravity at 14 days +. High gravity at 3 week plus. I have recently started kegging and have done the 30# for 24 hours. Even then it takes several days to a week and even longer at serving pressure for the beer to finish properly.

Give it more time.