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Nov 2, 2007
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I am surprised that no one has started a topic about this.


As if you guys didn't hate them already. I have the ability to try this anytime I want and I just can't do it. Tomatoey/Clamy/Salty Dog urine just will not ever make it into my mouth.

There are some pretty colorful reviews here.
Have any of you tried this debacle?
I've not had the BMC version "Chelada," but I've often enjoyed the drink it's based on, the michelada. It's quite common in Mexico. Beer, tomato juice or Clamato, with a few shakes of Maggi sauce and sometimes hot sauce as well.

While it's not my favorite thing, it's better than you might expect! It's actually pretty good for a hangover.
I have had my fair share of authentic micheladas/preparadas in Mexico since I practically live right on the border of Tecate; and yes, the beer "Tecate" is made their. I have had Micheladas that are made with Tecate beer, clamato, salsa maggi, spices, and lemon among other stuff. I must say they are pretty good and I do enjoy to have one once in a while but I do rather enjoy myself a Vienna Lager such as negra modelo, noche buena, or Bohemia obscura (readily available on the Mexican side). Anyhow, my sister also likes micheladas (though much more then I do) and when she tasted the BMC version she said it was just plain disgusting. I never tasted it.
I've not had the BMC version, either, but I do like having cervecas preparadas when I'm visiting my folks in AZ or "Red Beer" (the same thing, but in a glass rimmed with celery salt and usually made with PBR) when I'm in Montana visiting SWMBO's family.

We even keep a bottle of Clamato and some PBR around the house for Sunday morning Red Beers.