Brewing first sour - what to use for Lacto besides goodbelly?

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May 22, 2020
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Attempted my first sour this weekend. making a Blueberry Cream Ale Sour.
Recipe was simple for 3 gallon batch. 75% 2-row, 20% Flaked Corn, 5% Flaked Oats
Boiled for 15 min, brought temp down to 70. Took PH reading - 5.4. Added Lactic Acid to get down to 4.5
Pitched carton of Blueberry Acai Goodbelly, covered with plastic wrap and waited.
After 24 hrs PH was still at 4.4.
After 36 hrs PH was still at 4.4
Realized it needed to be warmer so I placed a heat blanket around kettle and waited,
After 48 hrs Got it down to 3.8 and figured that was close enough so I resumed boil for 50 min.

The smell was almost unbearable to me. Not a fan at all.

Chilled to 70, I tasted some of the wort and it just tasted kind of sweet. I just pitched my yeast and hoping for the best.

Besides temp - does anyone see anything wrong with my process?
Should it smell this bad?
I think I may have used too much goodbelly - it was only a 3 gallon batch.

Besides using goodbelly - what other options are there for adding Lacto to the beer to sour? What flavorless options are there?



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Aug 10, 2015
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Nope, you discovered that the kettle of wort needs to be kept warm. It’s likely that the sugar content of mostly unfermented wort is masking the tartness. Of course I don’t know how tart you would like it. You could use lactose caps from Swanson vitamins as an alternative