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Jan 13, 2005
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Hi everyone,

Complete noob here with a long overdue ache to make my own home brewed drink. :D

Back when I was in the navy in 1984, a friend of mine and his wife were into the medieval fairs and such, and they had a recipe for an apple ale that they often made for friends at the outings. The name of the recipe was "Apple Moisse", and all I can remember about how it was made was that they used 3 types of apples, made it in 5 gallon buckets with the spiral airlocks, and they also used a spice sachet put together in a piece of cheesecloth that was allowed to steep in the mixture while it was in the buckets. At a certain time, they would siphon the mixture into bottles where it would carbonate. This stuff tasted great, and packed quite a sneaky wallop.

Has anyone here ever made homemade, apple based ales before, or heard of a recipe similar to this one?
Sounds a lot like how we made cider...I wouldn't call this an ale, BTW. Check out the cider forum where I posted a long explanation of how we did it (very easy).

Cider is one of the simplest and most immediately rewarding beverages the homebrewer can make. I highly recommend it, especially if you have cheap/free access to apples and a press.

Cider is usually best with some age on it, though--months of age--so it's not immediately rewarding. It's easy to make, though. Try Graham's cider recipe.