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Nov 10, 2007
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Upstate, SC
couldn't really find the best place to post this, but anyway. I am from seneca, sc and i have been stocking up on equipment to do all-grain once i get a house. Presently I am living in an apartment and it is just to small to brew in and the wife hates me to dirty up everything. I work up to 60 hrs a week on swing shifts and just don't have the time to join a group or anywthing. But, my question is if there is anyone in the area that wouldn't mind if I come sit in on a brew session. REally all the experience I have is reading books and a few extract brews and an all grain brew. I would love to see in person a all grain brew day using batch sparge since that is what im gonna do with some one that uses maybe a 3 tier gravity wiht and immersion chiiller or maybe some one that uses a pump and a counterflow chiller and also sit on a kegging session. thanks