boiled flaked barley

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Mar 4, 2005
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Sundre, AB
Hey all,
I'd heard about using flaked barley to give full, creamy feel to a beer, so rather than researching the proper way to use it, I bagged a cup and a half of it and boiled it (1hr) with my bittering hops in the wort.

Will I regret not taking it out earlier? I seem to have some suspended white... um... goop - maybe it will settle out, or I'll have to use irish moss.

Thanks for any thoughts,
you don't really wanna boil the grains mate. the temp to aim for is 155 or so to extract both the flavor and convert the starch to sugar which can be fermented.

boiling the flaked barley with the wort would be like making oatmeal in your wort. it's all protien and gelatin type stuff floating in your beer now. it shouldn't hurt it since it was boiled, but ideally you should shy away from boilng grains to such an extent ;)