Biggest possible brew day.

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Mar 5, 2007
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Halifax, Canada
I've been thinking idly, looking at all my unused equipment, and my dwindling stocks of homebrew (sharing too much), about what the most I could possibly brew in one day is.

Here's my equipment rundown:
A stove (need to get me a burner, but it'll boil my 6.5G if I treat 'er right . . . )
A 50qt mash tun
1 30qt brewpot
1 20qt brewpot
1 12qt brewpot
a couple of ~2G pots I can heat mashouts, sparges, etc in if necessary.
1 set of peripherals (chiller, air pump, etc)
way too much siphoning kit.

I have a lot of manpower - I live with two other homebrewers. We brew together.

So I'm thinking I could get three batches out of one massive mash, although maybe I'd make a braggot or something out of the teensy-weensy beer. I could steep grains post-mash to add interest to the other two. I can store the waiting runnings in my old unused primaries while they await their turn to boil in the 30qt pot, so I can get my sparging done in one fell swoop with the 20 and the 30 together.

This'll take two of us at maximum at any given stage. The other can probably finish up an extract batch in the 12qt during the mash, and after sparging he can get another going in each. Then he can help out with everything.

Stream one: Partigyle like it's nineteen ninety nine. 2 brewers.
10:00 Heat water, marvel at quantity of supplies, start sanitising and other background tasks.
11:00 mash in
11:45 start sparging
12:30 start first boil
1:30 cool, rack
2:00 start second boil
3:00 cool, rack
3:30 start third boil
4:30 cool, rack
5:00 start damn well cleaning
7:00 collapse from exhaustion

Stream two: extract
10:00 steep in 12qt
10:30 boil 12qt
11:30 cool, rack
12:00 steep in both
12:30 boil in both
1:30 cool, rack both
2:00 assist in all these beers (yeast pitching, carboy sanitising, cleaning, etc)
5:00 start damn well cleaning
7:00 collapse from exhaustion

Total of thirty gallons of beer out of that day. Or twenty-five of beer and five of braggot. Mind you, it could probably never happen, if only because it would probably be at least a hundred and fifty dollars of ingredients. But it's fun to imagine. What would I brew?

I should probably have put this in Runken Dramblings, 'cept I'm sober.

What's your biggest possible brew day?


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Nov 1, 2006
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I've done 2 10 gallon batches in one session. If I started early enough in the morning I might be able to get that to 3 batches, but man that's a long day.

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