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Feb 27, 2012
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I'm a longtime user of BeerSmith 2 and have been for many years.

About a year ago, I returned to brewing after a 5-year break, and I'm starting to work on water profiles.

I use RO water and have the necessary salts.

My question is, are the calculations that BeerSmith 2 makes for salts applicable to mash, sparge water, or total water needed?
I prefer to use the standalone water calculator in BS, because I only treat the mash water. The main reason to treat water, imo. If I sparge, water comes straight from the tap and used untreated. I guess it depends on your water and how you’re brewing, what’s easiest. You should probably consider upgrading to BS3, btw. I’m not sure if BS2 is supported anymore.
As I remember hearing it; the water tool was vastly improved in BS3. I can't answer the question for BS2 as I haven't used it since 3 came out but know that 3 gives treatment for both mash and sparge... or the ability to calculate for mash only. I would suggest upgrading to v3
I use BS3 also. I switched from tap water to distilled water this year. Looking at the water addictions I did not like what was given for my water correction. Looking at the beer recipe you really need to define what style your brewing and application. (BIAB, Extract, Mashing Out Mashtun) Then one needs to know the water you need for your brew and there are variables pending many opinions. I am not a chemist and many times I am not sure the addiction requirements are right. I had a couple of beers I noticed a change from the same recipe I used with tap water and not for the better.