Apfelwein update on first batch!

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Dunwich Brewing Co.
Dec 8, 2007
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Nashville, Tn
I know, another Apfelwein thread, sorry....

My first batch is really combined two batches totalling about 6.5 gallons, right to the top of my carboy.

OG three weeks ago was 1.67, today it is 1.010 or 7.4% abv. I'm leaving it for at least another week in the primary before I even think about racking it.

So I just HAD to taste a sample from the thief tonight while measuring the sg and DAMN, it already tastes awesome.

My modifications to EdWorts recipe were I used ale yeast and table sugar.

I am so glad it tastes great. I cannot believe all of the bubbles the carboy still produces.

I cannot wait to wine bottle this and taste it in 3 more months.

Thanks for all the Apfelwein threads. They are useful. :tank:
When i tasted my first batch, I really thought it would last forever, 'cause I wasn't crazy about it....... Now here I am 2 months later yelling at my carboy daily to "HURRY UP"! You better start your next batch soon, 'cause you'll need it soon enough.
Apfelwine is a wonderful thing. We've got 13 gallons of it going at various stages and plans for more after that!
Ed's really got a following!