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Oct 6, 2007
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I am looking for some feedback regarding Apfelwein.

I would prefer to use Martinelli's apple juice, but I couldn't find it in an economical size. The second best thing I could find is Mott's, but I have a question first. The recipe says to make sure the apple juice doesn't have any "additives".

The ingredients list on the Mott's says "water, applejuice, and apple juice from concentrate". Is that going to work?

The Martinell's ingredients list includes just "apple juice", and Martinelli's is definitely the best apple juice I've ever used (I use it in bbq contests all the time).

Am I being paranoid, or would I be better off looking for another brand of apple juice?
ive used motts before and it works great. I used 8 gallons of Mott's and 4 cans of walmart frozen concentrate. I used Cuvee yeast with nutrients and energizer. It was finished fermenting in only 5 days, wow. As far as tast, its only been a week and taste great (its very dry though)
I think by additives it means like preservatives and stuff like that. I'm using tree top from concentrate as well and starting my first batch tomorrow and I'm not worried about it.
Thanks for the reassurances. I figured I was overthinking it. I'll use the Mott's and move on. I appreciate the feedback.