Anyone play Clash of Clans?

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Jan 20, 2012
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Saint Peters
Anyone besides me play? I'm either going to start a clan or would like to join one with people of similar interest if y'all have openings..
Or am I the only homebrewer who likes clans?? :)
West coast brew. That's our clan. A bunch of us at work are homebrewers and started a clan. It was open for a while but about a week ago we got a massive influx of jack holes so we closed it. Just ask for permission to join and we'll let you in. We donate as many troops as we can to each other and as long as you do the same you will fit in just fine.
I have been playing it for about a year. My clans getting pretty stagnant. We have 25 members from all over the world.
Yes, unfortunately I have been playing for about 8 months. Quite addictive. Can't bring myself to spend real cash on the game, so been really slow upgrading.

Im in clan Orange Thunder (headed by username Iner Larsen), if anyone wants to check it out.