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For Sale All Grain Home Brew System For Sale in Aliso Viejo CA $500

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Jun 6, 2022
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I am a former professional brewer and I built this 15 gal brew system from the ground up as part of my effort to start my own brewery. That dream has now officially fallen through and with life and family obligations I have not had time to use this for 4 years, so I think it’s time to part with it. The system is all stainless and all the hoses, tanks, and pumps are equipped with quick connect fittings for easy switching between processes. The system includes the following: 1. 15 gal hot liquor tank with volume sight glass. 2. Copper coiled tubing that I used in the hot liquour tank to both vorlauf the mash and then to use for sparging. I keep the coils submerged in the hot liquor tank to control temp through the tubes. There is also a temp probe at the mash tun inlet to tell you what the sparge water/vorlauf liquid temp is throughout the process so you can adjust temp of hot liquor water to vary that temp. 3. 15 Mash Tun with two stainless slotted bottom and flexible sparge arm at the top 4. 15 gal kettle with side valve for whirlpool pumping 5. Stainless Hopback for use inside kettle. I used for whirlpool hopping with pellets but can also use to get flowers into the kettle. 6. Two high heat liquid pumps on a pump stand with two foot switches for easy activation (pumps equipped with quick connects). 7. Plate and frame heat exchanger for fast and efficient knockout 8. Sufficient silicone tubing to handle every aspect of moving the liquid with the pumps through the process. 9. Two corny kegs for fermentation/serving with fittings (I have 4 more that can be purchased as well and will give a deal if you take them with the system). 10. Wooden Mash paddle 11. High volume water filter with food grade hose. 12. Bottle capper 13. 3 high btu propane burners Located in Aliso Viejo. Must be able to pick up. All told I put at least $3k into this system, but my wife wants it gone so I’m pricing it to move at $750. I will also either draft up some instructions for it/teach you/make myself available during your first brew to consult remotely and help walk you through it. Also available for separate purchase (see photos, but these are not included in the sale price above, though I would likely make a deal on all of this if you take it with the system): 1. Two 5lb CO2 tanks with manifold ($35) 2. 1 2.5 lb Co2 tank ($25) 3. 1 C02 regulator with manifold ($20) 4. Variable temperature controller ($30). You can use this with a mini-fridge to create an ideal fermentation chamber that keeps the liquid within a decently tight temp range. 5. 4 corny kegs (mix of ball lock and pin lock) with fittings. 6. Blichman Beer Gun ($40)

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