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Nov 26, 2017
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Lower Alabama
Thanks for looking in,

I was wondering about using a little DME when making a 'Slurry' for adding Chocolate Nibs?

Any thoughts about using a bit of of DME?
I did 8oz H20, with 6oz Nibs, 2oz of DME simmer for 15min. Cool-Pitch. I first put it in a cleaned and sterilized Nylon sock before pitching, those loose nibs always clog my spout when bottling.

Any problems with feeding the Yeast a little food for the last 5-7 days it is being flavored? I see no Krausen or head, just when I swirl the fermentor do I see some good carb. This is the secondary with no more trub when I do this... (yes I know you do not have to transfer, but if you want a second batch sooner I need the jug.)

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