A Fruited Cream Ale with Sunny D?! Sounds Crazy, but tastes DELICIOUS!

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Mar 13, 2021
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Sparks, NV
I know some of you out there are purists, and I respect that (I always was, too, but have been converted) but sometimes with home brew, you just have to play around! We wanted to make a nice, easy drinking Cream Ale with strawberries, with a little extra citrus pop - and Sunny D definitely makes it pop!

If you were looking for something a little different and wanted to brew outside the box, give our Creamy D Recipe Kit a shot! We've done this a few times now with Strawberries and Peaches, and usually use Imperial Loki fermentation. That flavor profile definitely goes along with the overall theme of the beer!
Creamy D Fruited Cream Ale - Extract Beer Kit
Creamy D Fruited Cream Ale - All Grain Beer Kit

Of course for all of our friends in the HBT Community, first orders with us are 20% off across the board with the code 'HBT20', and yeast ships free 2 day air to all 50 states! :mug: 🍓🍑